Review Policy

If for some (really weird, uber unnatural and completely) strange reason you have decided to hand over a book to me you may find my policy below! 


I will accept:

YA (fiction and nonfiction)
Childrens (12+)
teen books

I will not accept:

Adult books

If you're wondering whether or not I will accept please let me know and I'll get back to you ASAP. I know there will be questions because I didn't include all genres, so just ask!

Contact info:

twitter: @alwaysreadingya

Format Preferences:

I prefer physical copies (Hardcover, paperback, ARCs, etc)
I have a nook so I can accept nookbooks (but not all the time because my memory is low), but kindle copies can be difficult as my phone app is very tempremental.

My Reviews Contain:

-number of pages
- my honest opinion
- quick review: a quote from someone else who has read the book, if I know someone who has
-rating out of five

Thanks for reading and if you have questions just shoot me an email! XO

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