About Me

I'm a seventeen year old girl with a love for reading, a niche for writing, a mild tendency to judge things and a strong dislike for anything athletic related.


You can find me reading almost anywhere. Sometimes I'm lying in our book room/guest room and other times I'm at my desk. Maybe I can be located at the dining room table or even the cool kitchen floor. I'll be in the computer room or the living room when the house is cold, but when it's hot you'll most likely find me in the family room downstairs. Basically, if I can stand, sit, or lay there then I've probably read there before. When it comes to what I read, and not where, then there is no clear cut answer. I read almost anything and everything and yet I'm very picky. This means if I really dislike a book, I'll still read it simply to find out the ending even if I find it to be similiar in enjoyment to that of Chinese Water Torture. Wasting a book is a crime to me and so I will continue using my beloved copies until pages have fallen out, the cover is broken, and the words are too worn to be read.


I love to write my own short stories. My works never get passed the fifty page mark. Ever. I love to review books and I love to write letters. I love anything that allows me the chance to write which explains why this is so long, I'm sorry! Writing is just as enjoyable to me as reading is.

If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask! I like meeting new people. Anyway, kudos to you for getting this far. *hands virtual cookie*

Now, good luck to us all because this blog will be entirely composed of my own thoughts.
XO, Kristi

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